Muumi Baby

Fall in love with the new Muumi Baby open diapers

Weight range 2-24 kg


Info Open Diapers

Muumi Walkers

Muumi Walkers are pull up pant diapers with ultra stretch flexibility that provide both a good fit and absorption day & night

Weight range 7-26 kg


Info Pant Diapers

Caring Products

Helmi Baby! - Useful caring products for you and your little one

Helmi Baby - Disposable Bibs convenient protection at home and on the go

Helmi Baby - Cleansing Wipes gentle cleansing from head to toe

Helmi Baby - Protection Mats extra help for changing diapers on the go

Helmi Baby - Breast Pads soft protection between feedings


Environment is important to us

We take the environment into consideration in all our actions from raw material selection, through product development, all the way to production and waste management. Muumi Baby diapers have been officially certified with the Nordic Ecolabel, which guarantees green choices.

Behind the scenes


Family-owned manufacturer behind the Muumi Baby, Delipap Oy, has over 35 years experience in skin friendly diapers.