Caring Products

Bib Helmi Baby


A soft, convenient and hygienic way to keep your baby clean while feeding at home and on the go. Soft, absorbent top layer with waterproof back

Cleansing Wipe Helmi Baby

Helmi Baby puhdistuspyyhe_pieni.tif

Perfume free and skin friendly wipes developed in cooperation with the Finnish Asthma and Allergy Federation. They are gentle and moisturizing, and safe to use also for face, mucous membranes and intimate areas. No colorants, alcohol free, pH 4

Baby Mat Helmi Baby

Helmi Baby suoja-alusta_pieni.tif

Hypoallergenic multiuse products made out of chlorine free absorbing top material with waterproof PE-back sheet. Can be used to protect beds, car seats, push chairs, drawing tables etc. or while changing diapers

Nursing Pad Helmi Baby

Helmi Baby Liivinsuoja 2_pieni.tif

A soft and natural, glue free option for mothers. Firm but soft top layer offers comfortable non-fluffy user experience