Our most important values are Finnish quality, skin-friendliness and environmental responsibility. The Finnish cellulose used in our Muumi Baby diapers is entirely biodegradable. The wood raw material used in cellulose is not harvested from old forests but from certified forests without any extensive clear cutting. We do not use any chlorine in our bleaching process. The cellulose is bleached by using the eco-friendly oxygen bleaching method. Delipap products are manufactured using certified hydropower. Hydropower comprises renewable energy that produces no carbon dioxide emissions.

All waste generated in the manufacture of Muumi Baby diapers is recycled or incinerated; thus, no landfill waste is generated. Our production does not cause any emissions to the environment or water systems and the heat generated in our production process is used to heat our production facility. Muumi Baby diapers are packed in biodegradable bags that you can reuse as bio-waste bags, for example.

Our Muumi Baby diapers have the Nordic Ecolabel, which means that they are manufactured with as low a burden on the environment as possible.


In the production of Muumi Baby diapers we use only pure and safe raw materials. Our main raw material is totally chlorine-free Finnish cellulose from certified Scandinavian forests.


Our production process does not generate any landfill waste. Every bit of waste generated during our production is either recycled or burned to produce energy.


We employ only renewable and certified hydro power in the production of Muumi Baby diapers, ensuring that our production is not responsible for harmful emissions of carbon dioxide.


Packaging material is fully biodegradable. The bags can be reused as a rubbish bag for biodegradable waste.


We take the environment into consideration in all our actions from raw material selection, through product development, all the way to production and waste management.