We are Delipap Oy, a family company located in Finland, Northern Europe. We develop, manufacture and market disposable hygiene products like baby diapers and sanitary towels. Today our company employs about 70 experts across different fields including R&D, production and warehousing, sales, purchasing and marketing. Our core values focus on environmental responsibility, Nordic quality and skin friendliness.

Besides Muumi Baby diapers, our range includes Helmi Baby caring products and Vuokkoset feminine hygiene products. We are proud to produce skin friendly products suitable for those even with the most delicate skin. To secure the upmost skin friendliness, we have already for years co-operated in our product development with Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation. We consider environment in all our actions. As a recognition of our constant work towards greener tomorrow our products have been awarded the Nordic Swan ecolabel.

The Beginning


The story of Delipap Oy begins from a small boy, Oskari, with sensitive skin - especially to those old styles cloth diapers. His father, Raimo Nuortie, an innovative paper industry expert, starts to develop a new kind of baby diapers. The specialty of the new diapers is an absorption core made from pulp mixed with clean paper. This new invention made Oskari’s skin better but also leaded Raimo to patent his invention and founding his own company.

Two years later, in 1980, Delipap expands its product range into feminine hygiene products under the brand Vuokkoset.

The Journey of Muumi diapers begins


Delipap Oy starts the collaboration with the Moomin Characters. The lovely Moomin characters take over the diapers and the colorful packages.




Cooperation with Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation


Muumi diapers are acknowledged by the Finnish Asthma and Allergy Federation. This certificate indicates that the Muumi diapers are skin friendly as well as suitable for the most delicate skin. Muumi diapers does not contain any added chemicals, such as perfumes or lotions.


Nordic Swan Ecolabel


The manufacturing facility of Muumi diapers is granted the Nordic Swan eco label among the first ones in the world.

Celebrating the 30-year journey of a Finnish family company


We are proud to celebrate 30 years of experience in manufacturing our baby diapers. Delipap Oy is still a Finnish family company and owned by the Nuortie family.

Biodegradable and Compostable Packaging


To diminish the impact on the environment, Muumi diapers are switching to biodegradable packaging bags. The bags can be reused as a rubbish bag for biodegradable waste. At the same time Muumi diapers are relaunched in green packages.



Muumi diapers are now manufactured with green energy, hydropower. Hydroelectric power is a renewable source of energy that does not produce any carbon dioxide emissions.

Investment in Finnish Work


Delipap decides to invest in a new hypermodern open diaper machine to the Tammisaari plant in Southern Finland. This is the biggest investment in the company’s history.

The New Muumi Baby Diapers


The new state of the art diaper machine starts running in Tammisaari factory, and the new Muumi Baby open diapers are launched to the markets around the world.

Delipap today

Today we are still Finland’s only enterprise manufacturing disposable baby diapers and sanitary towels. The company is still owned by the Nuortie family but its management is now in the hands of the next generation. The new managing director of Delipap is Sanna Karhu, the younger sister of the small boy mentioned above in our story. Another sister, Riikka Nuortie, is the production manager. Oskari Nuortie, who was the managing director of Delipap for 14 years, is now a member of the company’s Board.

With our almost 40 years’ experience, we continue to focus on consumer-driven development, manufacturing and marketing of tested skin-friendly and environmentally responsible hygiene products geared to the needs of all family members.