Double Leak Guards

Special leak guard structure on leg openings for upmost security

Super Elastic

Multiple elastics on the waist and legs guarantee excellent fit for all toddlers

Good Fit

Ideal for active toddlers who love playing and moving around

Pant Diaper Sizes

No 5

Maxi+ Pant diaper

7-15 kg 40 pcs/ package


No 6

Junior Pant diaper

12-20 kg 36 pcs/ package


No 7

Extra XL Pant diaper

16-26 kg 34 pcs/ package


No 5

Maxi+ Pant diaper

7-15 kg 22 pcs/ package

Muumi_W 22 maxi+.jpg

No 6

Junior Pant diaper

12-20 kg 20 pcs/ package

Muumi_W_20 JR.jpg

Easy Wear

Pant like design make them easy to put on and take off, like underwear.

After use simply tear off the diaper from side seams, roll it up with the hygiene disposal tape and dispose of it along with your other municipal waste.



We take the environment into consideration in all our actions from raw material selection, through product development, all the way to production and waste management. Muumi Baby diapers have been officially certified with the Nordic Ecolabel, which guarantees green choices.

Choose the correct diaper size

Color codes, size numbers and kilogram weight shown on the table below and on the diaper bag will guide you in selecting the correct size. All babies and toddlers are individual and therefore the recommendations are just indicative (benchmarking the most common European sizes). We offer 6 sizes in open diapers from new born to junior, and 3 different sizes in pull up pant diapers.





Dance with Alvar

Elastic Diaper

Designed for active babies

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